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Click on the Name for More Info Cold Hardy Drought Tolerant Shade Tolerant
Alexander Medium Medium No
Areca Yes Yes Yes
Bismark Very cold hardy Yes No
Bottle No Yes No
Canary Island Date Yes Yes No
Coconut Palm No Yes Partial
European Fan Palm Yes Yes Yes
Fishtail Palm No Medium Medium
Foxtail Palm Medium Yes No
King Sago Palm Yes When Mature Moderately
Lady Palm Yes Yes Yes
Medjoole Date Palm Yes Yes No
Paurotis Palm Yes Yes No
Phoenix Reclinata Palm Yes Yes No
Pindo Palm Yes Yes No
Ponytail Palm Yes Yes Partial
Pygmy Date/ Robellini Palm Yes No No
Queen Palm Yes Yes No
Royal Palm No Yes No
Sabal Palm Yes Medium No
Sylvester Palm Yes Yes Yes
Traveler’s Palm Medium Yes Medium
Windmill Palm Yes Yes Yes
Washingtonia Palm Yes Yes No